Security Footage Shows Suspected London Bomber Carrying Device to Train Before Attack

London Bomber
The Associated Press

A fraction of security camera footage obtained by ITV News appears to show for the first time the 18-year-old suspected Parsons Green bomber carrying his improvised device in a supermarket carrier bag on his way to the attack.

The crude device, which was built into a plastic bucket and carried in a Lidl supermarket chain insulated food carrier bag can clearly be seen in the hand of the figure, who walks by the camera with his head noticeably bowed, and appears to be wearing some kind of red hat or skull cap.

The frames from the security camera were taken at 0650 Friday morning — 90 minutes before the device, which images taken by witnesses at the scene show was in a Lidl bag — detonated on a timer.

The bomb is not believed to have exploded properly, and created a firebomb inside the carriage rather than a high-powered explosion. The Times reports the remarks of former army bomb disposal expert Chris Hunter, who told the paper he “immediately” recognised the bomb to have been a triacetone triperoxide based device.

The same chemical, which is a key ingredient of easily available hydrogen peroxide, was also used in the 2005 7/7 transport bombings in London, and the 2017 Manchester attack.

Experts have said the attack could have been much worse had the bomb detonated as intended. There were no fatalities, but 30 were admitted to hospital with burns, and wounds from being crushed in the stampede that followed the explosion.

Officers of the British Transport Police patrol at Parsons Green station Monday morning as commuters returned to the stop after Friday’s attack / AP Images

The man featured in the footage is reported to be one of the two men presently held for questioning by British police. One, the primary suspect who carried the device to the train is an 18-year-old who has been identified in some reports as an Iraqi male, while the second is a 21-year-old Syrian origin migrant named as Yahyah Farouk.

Farouk was arrested at a Halal chicken shop under the Terrorism act Saturday night but it is not clear what his involvement in the bomb plot was. His UK address was searched by officers Sunday.

Neither of the men have been charged

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