EXCLUSIVE – Islamic State Fighter: Kill Women Who ‘Provoke Sexual Desires of Men’

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Any Muslim present at the French establishments targeted by extremists two weeks ago deserved to die for violating Islamic law by engaging in “dancing and alcohol and prostitution and singing.”

Women who refuse to cover their heads should be killed for “provoking the sexual desires of men.”

These sentiments were expressed by Abu Baqer al-Maqdadis in a radio interview Sunday. Maqdadis is a 30-year old Palestinian from Gaza who recently fought for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. He returned to the Gaza Strip after being injured in Iraq.

He discussed his experiences as an ISIS fighter on “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” the popular weekend talk radio program broadcast from Tel Aviv, Israel.

Klein asked Maqdadis how ISIS could justify firing indiscriminately at civilians in a French café, concert hall, and outside a sports stadium, especially since the Islamic gunmen could have killed other Muslims.

Maqdadis replied:

I think that the Islamic State is following justice according to Allah and the Prophet. When the Prophet Muhammad bombarded the city of Taíf, he was asked, “Why are you attacking a city when there are innocents who were not involved in what the infidels did against the Muslims.” He said the innocents will pay the price for what the infidels did to the Muslims.

I think if a Muslim is there and if a Muslim is in a café or in a restaurant or in a theater where there is dancing and alcohol and prostitution and singing, I don’t think he is a good Muslim, and he deserves what happens to him, and he will have Allah to answer to. We don’t think Muslims should be present in such places. But in general we can say that there are no innocents who are being killed, because we are sanctioning those who killed us.

Klein confronted Maqdadis about ISIS’s ill treatment of women, including forcing them to cover their heads against their will.

The low-level jihadist claimed that while Islamic law condemns women to death for failing to put on head coverings and thus “provoking” male sexual desire, ISIS is lenient and only exiled women after multiple warnings.

He stated:

According to the Sharia laws, a woman who doesn’t put a hijab on her head, who doesn’t cover her head, should be killed. These are the laws of Sharia. But the truth is we don’t like to kill, so we were giving warnings to ladies who don’t accept to put on the hijab. We talked to her husband, her father, her brother in order to convince her. And at the end of the day, if she refuses we exiled her from the borders of the Islamic State.

A woman that is not putting on the hijab is provoking the sexual desire of men, and this is the behavior that Islam does not accept. And the fate of someone who provoked the sexual desire within the society is to be killed. Yet we didn’t kill anyone, we just exiled them.


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