At Tel Aviv Port, Once the Gateway into the Land of Israel


The Times of Israel reports:

In 1938, a bridge was built over the Yarkon River to celebrate the opening of the Reading Power Station. The cornerstone read: “This bridge will be important in the expansion of Tel Aviv on both sides of the river. Hopefully, [it] will . . . [help] turn the desolate sands into a blossoming settlement.”

Named Wauchope for the British High Commissioner at the time, the historic bridge has become part of a favorite Tel Aviv outing. It begins at the northern section of Independence Park, across from 220 HaYarkon Street.

For years, the site on which the park now stands was just a hill made of sea limestone rock. During the British Mandate, part of the area was used as a military base that was taken over by the fledgling Israeli army in 1948. Indeed, it was from here that Israeli forces shelled the ill-fated Etzel ship: Altalena.

Read the full story at the Time of Israel.


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