WATCH – Furious Ex-U.S. Marine: Iran Most Peaceful Nation on Planet While U.S. ‘Monster’ is Blowing Apart Women and Children

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In a debate on Iranian TV, a former US marine called Iran the most peaceful nation on the planet while claiming the U.S. is an imperial monster and bully that blows up women and children on a daily basis, and blindly follows directives from Israel.

Ken O’Keefe, who attempted to renounce his U.S. citizenship in 2001 , last week debated freelance journalist Philippe Assouline on the Iran nuclear deal.

In the debate, broadcast on Iran’s PressTV, O’Keefe espoused the unhinged conspiracy theory the U.S. government is run from enemies within the state, including the Israel lobby. Watch the video below:

O’Keefe says the claim that Iran – which he calls “one of the most peaceful nations on the planet” – is developing nuclear weapons has no basis in fact and is part of an ongoing “charade that is necessary in order to carry out Israeli policy, which is never-ending war, constant tensions, the threat of a third world war.”

O’Keefe notes that Iran’s leadership has made it very clear that producing weapons of mass destruction is an “affront to God.”

This is in contrast to the U.S., which according to O’Keefe is a “classic bully on the world stage” that has no compunctions about using weapons of mass destruction all over the world.

“If any nation should be disarming it should be the United States,” says O’Keefe. “[The U.S.] is destroying lives and is blowing apart women and children on a daily basis.”

O’Keefe, who becomes visibly angrier over the course of the debate, also claims that the U.S. is following Israeli policy to advance the Jewish state’s plan for a “Greater Israel.”

“Israel’s long-term objective,” says O’Keefe, “is to expand into Syria, into Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, and parts of Saudi Arabia.”

O’Keefe also accuses the mainstream media of being “a bunch of prostitutes.”

His opponent, Assouline, calls O’Keefe’s comments “amusing” and “a cartoonish fantasy.” He also says that O’Keefe “needs a psychologist.”

In response to O’Keefe’s defense of Iran, Assouline asserts that in addition to chants of “death to America” and “death to Israel” on a daily basis, the Islamic Republic has been showcasing its ballistic missile program. He adds that the country also shoots its own people in the streets for protesting elections.

Infuriated that Assouline interrupted him, O’Keefe tells his opponent, “You’re an ignorant and unpolite [sic] man, I sit and listen to your nonsense while you speak over me.”