Israel Air Force Still Keeps Eye on Iran Despite Nuclear Deal

IDF Israel jet fighter

The Jerusalem Post reports: Irrespective of the global deal over the Iranian nuclear program, the Israel Air Force (IAF) goes on building its long-range capabilities, and maintaining its readiness for any potential future scenario that may develop between Israel and the Islamic Republic.

The effort is overseen by the IAF’s Air Operations, established in the midst of Operation Protective Edge in 2014, as the body responsible for activating and building up Israeli air power.

Air Operations is the recently- established headquarters responsible for how the air force operates, drawing up and carrying out offensive and defensive missions, processing threat alerts, using intelligence to build up strike plans, and many other crucial IAF activities.

It replaced a 40-year-old IAF command structure that a senior military source described as having been incapable of managing the air force’s modern and many roles.

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