Lebanese Minister Attacks Nasrallah’s Criticism of ‘Sunni Collaboration with Israel’

Hassan Nasrallah
Getty Images

The Jerusalem Post reports: Lebanese Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi has attacked Hezbollah’s Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah (pictured) for the speech he delivered Tuesday evening, in which he accused Turkey and Saudi Arabia of allying with Israel over the Syrian conflict.

On Wednesday, Rifi tweeted remarks suggesting that Nasrallah’s criticism of Saudi Arabia was hypocritical. He brought up the Hezbollah chief’s alleged ties to US intelligence during the 1980s Iran Contra scandal and his movement’s opposition to fellow Lebanese Shi’te resistance group, Amal.

“The soldier of Iran-gate, the one who fights the Amal movement with Israeli aid and who fights in Syria thanks to an Israeli-Russian understanding, should stay silent and be ashamed,” the minister tweeted.

In addition, Rifi attacked Nasrallah’s attempts to paint himself as Palestine’s savior, saying that “those who paid with their blood in the fighting with Israel since 1948 are those who fight for the Palestinian issue and they do not need the aid of martyrs from the Iranian-Israeli alliance that has ruined the area.”

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