MK Zoabi Urges Palestinians To Revolt Against Palestinian Authority

Haneen Zoabi

TEL AVIV – Arab MK Haneen Zoabi (pictured above, right) called on Palestinians to revolt against the Palestinian Authority due to its security cooperation with Israel, the London-based al-Quds al-Arabi newspaper reported Monday.

At a forum in Nazareth on Palestinian national unity on Sunday, the Joint List MK lauded a “Palestinian espousal of a sober attitude towards Israel, after they understand that Israel is not a partner for peace.”

Zoabi slammed the Palestinian leadership for “aggressively foiling the creation of any alternative to the status quo, even on Facebook.”

She continued by asserting that the status quo benefits the PA’s leadership but enables the oppression of the Palestinian people. The PA, according to Zoabi, is an “obstacle that prevents a desired change that must apply on the leadership level and on the ground.”

“The question is how would we revolt against this authority? How would we change it?” she asked.

Palestinians “must consult with Israeli-Arabs in deciding how to struggle against the Israeli occupation.”

The controversial MK is known for her strident anti-Israel statements and actions. In 2015, she raised ire for equating Nazi Germany and Israel with her comment, “Kristallnacht didn’t suddenly fall from the sky, come out of nowhere, it was the result of a development over time. We can see a similar development happening in Israel over the last several years.”

The lawmaker again stirred controversy when she drew similar parallels last week after declining an invitation to participate in a Holocaust Memorial Day ceremony, citing “alarming similarities” between Nazi Germany and current Israeli policies toward Palestinians and Israeli Arabs.


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