What Motivates A Gazan To Dig A Tunnel

gaza tunnel

Ynetnews reports: On April 6, a man from Gaza named Mahmoud Atauna infiltrated Israel. The feat didn’t take a great deal of effort or resourcefulness; all he needed to do was jump over a barbed wire fence and then crawl under a second fence.

After he was caught, he had told his investigators that was planning on killing IDF soldiers.

Another Gazan resident named Medhat Abu-Zenima had crossed the same border a week prior to Atauna. He had initially intended to cross the border to Egypt in search of his brother Abdallah, who had joined ISIS in the Sinai Peninsula. When he saw the large presence of the Egyptian army along the border, however, he tried returning to Gaza, eventually deciding to flee to Israel.

Another young man, whose identity remains unrevealed, had infiltrated Israel from Gaza a month earlier after a physical altercation with his father, who had suspected he was courting the neighbor’s daughter.

After being interrogated by the Shin Bet and the Police Central Unit, all three have been indicted on security offenses and are currently awaiting trial at Shikma Prison in Ashkelon.

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