Arab Social Media Gloats Over Cop Murders in Dallas

arab social media

JAFFA, Israel – The massacre of five policemen in Dallas, Texas, has stirred a commotion on Arab social media, with many users gloating at America’s misfortune.

Abdullah Almoqhem, a high-profile Saudi cleric, made an oblique reference to Black Lives Matter’s allegations of discrimination in American law enforcement by posting a picture of a Saudi security officer assisting a black teenager in Mecca during the hajj pilgrimage. It was followed by the caption: “This hero was imbibed with our religious education that says that the white man is in no way superior.”

Another high-profile Saudi cleric, Nabil Alawadi, wrote: “Adam, the father of humanity, was created from the ashes of the earth… He was the progenitor of men of all colors! Our origin is one, and our genes go back to a single source… All men were born equal.”

The Lebanese commentator Jerry Maher tweeted: “The Dallas shooting proves that America is socially volatile and on the brink of a civil war between its different groups.”

Khaled Alayan, a Saudi journalist, wrote that the Dallas shooting demonstrates that Islam occupies the moral high ground.

“In short, it’s Islam… where there’s no distinction between an Arab and a foreigner, or black and white… The difference is in the degree of good deeds.” The tweet came complete with a picture of a black man and a white man supporting each other in Mecca.

The editor-in-chief of the London-based Asharq al-Awsat newspaper scolded the Americans: “How easy it is to lecture people about liberties and civil rights… and how difficult it is to walk the walk!”

Muhamad Boammar, a Bahraini lawmaker, responded to the claim that the shooter was mentally unstable: “If he were Muslim would you say that he was a mental case or a terrorist?”

A Kuwaiti social activist tweeted in support of Black Lives Matter, quoting the Quran: “‘How dare you enslave men who were born free?’ They deserve to rise up against injustice.”

Dr Kassab Alutaybi, a Saudi dissident, compared what he claimed was the American establishment’s carelessness about black lives to the execution of Nimer Nimer, a Saudi Shi’ite cleric.

“When the terrorist Nimer Nimer was executed, America did our head in with civil rights talk. Today they’re killing their own people as if they were cattle,” he wrote, posting a picture of alleged police brutality against black protesters.

“Micah Xavier… 25 years old, former soldier stationed in Afghanistan… killed five policemen and wounded seven others in Dallas… He was trained to kill people, and then turned against them,” Saudi journalist Saleh Alhenaki wrote.

In response to President Obama’s statement that the shooter does not represent the African-American community, Saudi Zizo Amer wrote: “Well said. But please say it also when an attack is carried out by a Muslim – and don’t say that Muslims are terrorists.”

“You drove us nuts with your rights and equality, and now you see what your phony truth and liberties are really worth,” Ahmad Alharbi tweeted. “The dirty racism of America, the patron of civil rights, has been exposed!”


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