Spanish Israel Lobby Group Deals Triple Blow to BDS Movement in Spain

DEMONSTRATORS MARCH with Palestinian flags during a protest against the Israeli offensive against Gaza, in Valencia, Spain. (photo credit:REUTERS)

The Jerusalem Post reports: ACOM, an Israel lobby group  working to combat BDS in Spain, won legal victories against three municipalities this week.

The group claimed its first victory after a court ruling suspended the effects of a local boycott against Israel in the Olesa Municipality on the outskirts of Barcelona.

The court acknowledged that local boycott agreements against Israel may be brought before Spanish courts, thereby rebutting points contained in a report being disseminated among city halls, commissioned by the Solidarity Network Against the Occupation of Palestine, an umbrella group of pro-BDS supporters.

The judge stated that a local boycott agreement produced legal effects, even if no measures are actually taken and if there is only the potential for such actions.

“The sheer existence of a local agreement of this nature implies the possibility of denying participation to any entity or person of Israeli nationality or origin in any contract or activity sponsored by the city council,” the judge stated.

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