EXCLUSIVE – Official: Arab States Agree with Israel’s Criticism of Obama Deal with Iran

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TEL AVIV – Most Arab countries quietly endorse Israel’s condemnation of U.S. President Barack Obama’s praise for last year’s Iran nuclear deal, an Arab official told Breitbart Jerusalem.

Many Arab regimes see eye to eye with the Israeli Defense Ministry, whih issued a statement on Saturday castigating Obama for saying that Iran has honored the deal, the official said, adding that the US “misunderstands” Iranian policy and turns a blind eye to their violations of the agreement.

The Ministry statement equated the Iran deal to the 1938 Munich Agreement, which symbolizes the West’s failure to stand to Nazi aggression. The statement said that the world ignores Iran’s pledge to exterminate Israel, just like it ignored Hitler’s rhetoric in his day. Israel also said that such deals interfere with the West’s mission to undermine countries that support terror, chief among them Iran.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office clarified that while Israel opposes the nuclear agreement, the Defense Ministry statement making comparisons to Nazi Germany was not coordinated with Netanyahu or his bureau.

The Arab official, meanwhile, said that  following the lifting of the international sanctions, Iran has been free to press on with developing ballistic missiles. Iran has realized that Washington has taken a step back, which in reality leads to the consolidation of the Iranian regime throughout the Middle East, he said.

He said that the Iranian facilities are indeed subjected to international supervision, however Iran still aspires to become a nuclear superpower and seeks to become a threshold state. He warned that several reports have shown that Iran focuses its efforts on making the necessary arrangements for that, which is something even inspections can’t prevent entirely.

The official said that the deal has allowed Iran to test new ballistic missiles, which have all gone unanswered by America.

The recent gains of the Houthi rebels, Iran’s allies in Yemen, are evidence that Iran maximizes the allowances of the deal to arm its regional collaborators, he said.

He alleged that Iran’s efforts to spread Shia Islam and agitate sympathetic communities in neighboring Arab countries have been ignored by the American government.

He also said that if Iran succeeds in winning the Syrian civil war, it will be a threat equal to what Nazi Germany was to Europe – which is essentially what the Israeli Defense ministry statement also said.


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