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Arab countries

Qatar: Hamas a ‘Legitimate Resistance Movement’

In light of the Arab boycott of Qatar due to its support for terrorism, Qatari Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani said in an interview with the Russian RT channel during his visit to Moscow that in the eyes of Arab countries, Hamas is a legitimate resistance movement.


Lebanese Politician Mocks Saudi Arabia’s Extravagant Welcome Ceremony For President Trump

TEL AVIV — A post from Hezbollah-aligned Lebanese politician Wiam Wahab, stirred up a lively debate on his Twitter account as he hinted at criticism of Saudi Arabia for the extravagant welcome given to President Donald Trump when he landed in Riyadh as opposed to the smaller reception that Trump and his wife, Melania, received in Israel.


Source: Hamas Orders Members To Avoid Military Escalation With Israel

Hamas members fear that a military escalation is on the horizon thanks to the financial crisis in the Gaza Strip brought on in part by the Palestinian Authority’s freeze on payments to thousands of its employees in Gaza and Israel’s cessation of electricity payments on behalf of the Gaza Strip.