Anjem Choudary’s Wife Faces Police Investigation After ‘Filthy Jews’ Tirade

Anjem Choudary holds a demo against the oppressive Sisi Regime & Calls for Shari'ah at the Egyptian Embassy. Britain First counter protest. Choudary and his wife and Child
Rachel Megawhat/Breitbart London

Anjem Choudary’s wife is now under police investigation over allegations she ran an extremist female cell in East London. The 42-year-old mother of five was filmed praising Islamic State as she preached to impressionable Muslim mothers and their young children at a closed meeting.

Rubana Akhtar is the self-declared leader of the women’s wing of her husband’s banned Al-Mouhajiroun (ALM) movement. She was recorded at one gathering apparently making abhorrent anti-Semitic remarks, including referring to “filthy Jews”.

The revelation can now be made after her husband was convicted on Tuesday of a terrorism-related offence and now awaits sentencing.

As Breitbart London reported, Choudary was convicted at the Old Bailey on Tuesday after jurors heard that he had sworn allegiance to the terrorist group and urged his followers to do the same via a series of videos broadcast via YouTube.

Choudary’s Old Bailey trial also heard that Akhtar – who called herself Umm Luqman –  had run up £100 phone bills while trying to spread her extremist views.

 According to the Daily Telegraph, Akhtar’s allegedly inflammatory comments were captured on camera by an undercover reporter from Channel 4’s Dispatches program as part of a documentary on British women who support Islamic State. Breitbart London covered the story here.

At one point she appeared to praise the setting up of Islamic State. She said: “The good days have already begun, nobody would ever have thought in our lifetime we would see the establishment of the Khilafah [Isil].”

She also derided the Government’s counter-terrorism efforts, telling the women: “If they thought it was a plan to deradicalise people, God they got it so wrong, because if anything more and more people are becoming what they call radicalised.”

In one anti-Semitic rant she said: “The audacity and the arrogance of these Jews and they encourage killing of Muslim children and Muslim women.

“The amount of Muslim children – I won’t even use the word Palestinian – Muslim children that are in custody of those filthy Jews.”

The comments were broadcast on Channel 4 in 2015, but because Choudary was facing trial, her identity could not be revealed for fear of prejudicing his chances of a fair hearing.

Confirming that she was now under investigation, a Scotland Yard spokesman told the Telegraph: “We are aware of the documentary. The Met’s counter-terrorism command executed search warrants at addresses in east London in relation to these inquiries. There have been no arrests. Inquiries are ongoing.”

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