Student Council at Prominent German University Declares BDS Antisemitic

Protesters opposed to Israeli military action in the Gaza strip demonstrate on December 29, 2008, in Toulouse, southern France. Israel on Monday bombed Gaza for a third day in an 'all-out war' on Hamas, as tanks massed on the border and the Islamists fired deadly rockets in retaliation for the …

The Algemeiner reports: The anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement is to be considered antisemitic, students at one of Germany’s oldest and most prestigious universities determined earlier this month, the Jerusalem Post reported on Saturday.

A copy of a Leipzig University Student Council resolution obtained and translated by the Legal Insurrection blog said,

The basic aim of the BDS movement, the complete boycott of the State of Israel, fits seamlessly with the antisemitic campaigns of past centuries, and explicitly with that of the National Socialism; Nazi slogan ‘Don’t Buy From the Jews’ is once again being expressed here.

According to the Jerusalem Post report, the resolution was initiated after University of London Professor Lori Allen, the author of the book The Rise and Fall of Human Rights: Cynicism and Politics in Occupied Palestine, advocated for BDS during a book-related event held at Leipzig University in June.

The event was said to be sponsored by the European Network in Universal and Global History and Leipzig University’s Center for Area Studies and Center for Global and European Studies. The Jerusalem Post report noted the event was also supported by the Stanford University Press and Germany’s Ministry for Education and Research.

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