Arab Social Media Users On Hurricane Hermine: ‘Allah, Destroy Them’

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JAFFA, Israel – Arab users take to Twitter wondering: Is it permitted to wish that Hurricane Hermine kills Americans?

Arab social media users around the world are using internet platforms to participate in a discussion on whether or not Islam permits them to pray that Hurricane Hermine will be deadly for Americans.

Hermine hit Florida as a Category 1 hurricane and has reportedly caused two deaths already as it creeps is way from the south up to the northeast, prompting one user, “Allah forgive me,” to write, “I pray that Allah will wear them out and make them disappear from the earth.”

In response, another user called Almahrooqi said “Our prophet was asked if it’s permitted to pray for bad to befall your enemy and the prophet answered: I was sent to be a source of mercy and not a source of malediction.”

The reply seemingly wasn’t enough for “Allah forgive me,” who responded in return, “First of all, may our prophet Muhammad receive all of Allah’s blessings. The prophet’s enemies were those who claimed that there was another God and that he should be followed. Today’s enemies are infidels who lie in wait to ambush Islam and Muslims and seek to harm them.”

Another user called Almuthabet suggested that punishment will come for all non-Muslims and not only Americans: “People will meet more punishments and more disasters. God is angry with them and his anger will not stop until all that he promised in his book will happen.”

A user who seemed to be from Saudi Arabia tweeted sarcastically about his own government, saying that “The most important thing is that ARASCO (the largest government infrastructure company in Saudi Arabia) will donate houses to those affected.”

Meanwhile, Muhamad Samir took the opportunity to pray, “My beloved Allah, please destroy their world and their lives.”

Abolama, another user, wrote, “Allah save the Muslims from the Hurricane and destroy the infidels.”

A woman called Gasima also weighed in, wishing for “Allah willing, complete destruction” to befall the Americans.

Abu Hafsa expressed similar sentiments: “Allah, please show us your amazing abilities toward them.”


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