Gazans Conflicted Over Syrian Regime’s Victory in Aleppo

Syrian government forces check Aleppo's thermal power plant after they re-took control of the area on eastern outskirts of Syria's northern embattled city of Aleppo from IS group fighters on February 21, 2016. In two days Syrian government forces have taken more than a dozen villages from IS jihadists around …

Hamas, a murderous terrorist group responsible for targeting civilians, issued an unprecedented condemnation of the “massacre” that was perpetrated in Aleppo as the Syrian regime emerged victorious from a months-long battle against rebel forces.

Refraining from naming the perpetrators, the Islamic extremist movement called on the Arab people to take action to stop the bloodshed of innocent civilians.

The Iran-financed Islamic Jihad, for its part, also published a condemnation, again without naming names, calling on the “hypocritical” community of nations to get involved.

Despite the clear position of their leadership and the strongest opposition group, some in Gaza, mostly pro-Iranian born-again Shi’ites, celebrated President Bashar Assad’s victory in the key battle.

Hisham Salem, the leader of the Iranian-backed Alsabareen militia, wrote: “Israel and its agents were defeated in Aleppo. Syria and the resistance won. The liberation of Aleppo is a major step towards liberating Palestine, inshallah.”

Salem came under a torrent of angry responses, accusing him of being a fifth column for Iran.

Mohammed Harb, a high-profile Shi’ite activist, attacked Iran’s detractors: “You made a bet, and you lost. Your expectations will falter, and the future is bleak ahead of an age of victories.”

Mahmoud Altramsy, another Shi’ite activist, posted a laudatory quote from Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah: “I always promised you victory, and I’m doing it again. Aleppo won. Those who achieved this victory, those who are its guardians, the martyr Imad Moughniyeh [a top Hezbollah militant who was assassinated in Damascus], the anonymous soldiers in the streets of Aleppo, the mothers and widows of the martyrs, and everybody who stood up to tyranny, darkness and slavery, this is your victory and your glorious hour.”

Altramsy too was pelted with angry responses. He retorted: “Had it been the other way around, if the head choppers had won, would you have written the same things?”

Meanwhile, Fahed Almasri, a spokesperson for the Syrian opposition, called on Israelis to protest the massacre of Aleppo. Speaking to Israel Radio’s Arabic service, he welcomed Interior Minister Aryeh Deri’s call to convene the UN Security Council for an emergency session and said he lobbied the Israeli government to intervene and help stop the crimes against humanity that are perpetrated in Syria.


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