Renewable Energy

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Ocasio-Cortez Demands 100% Renewable Energy in 10 Years

U.S. Representative-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is demanding that the U.S. commit to shifting 100% of its energy consumption to renewable energy as part of a “Green New Deal” she is demanding party leaders support.


Swiss Vote to Ditch Nuclear Power In Favour Of Renewables

BERN (AP) – Swiss voters are supporting a referendum to withdraw the country from nuclear power in favour of renewable energy. A projection from Sunday’s referendum shows a majority of cantons (states) voted for the plan. Under Switzerland’s direct democracy system,

Eran Gartner (L), the Chief Executive Officer of Megalim Power Ltd, speaks with a Spanish worker in charge of the welders in front of the solar receiver at the construction site of the Ashalim solar tower near the southern Israeli kibbutz of Ashalim in the Negev desert on May 26, …

Israel Constructing World’s Tallest Solar Tower

Deep in the Negev desert in Israel, stands what will be the world’s tallest solar tower. Once complete, the tower will be 250 metres tall and encircled by 50,000 heliostat solar mirrors.

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Solar Energy Lobby’s Texas Goals Clouded by Bankruptcies

A leading solar power lobbying organization’s promises of growth in Texas continue to sit under a cloud of economic challenges. Amid cheap natural gas prices and established wind farms in much of the solar-friendly regions, solar panel arrays are proving a tough sell.

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Israel Building The World’s Largest Solar Tower

Located in the middle of a desert, this solar tower is part of a new generation of solar power technology and helping to cement Israeli’s position as a world leader in renewable energy. Developers hope the launch will energize the

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World’s Biggest Wind Farm Given Go-Ahead Off Britain

(AFP) – A wind farm that would be the largest in the world and power more than a million homes has been given the go-ahead in Britain. Offshore wind developer Dong Energy said Wednesday a final decision had been made

People display a banner reading which translates as 'false solutions COP21 No peace without climate justice' in front of the 'Solutions COP21' exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris on December 4, 2015 as part of the COP 21, the United Nations conference on climate change. More than 150 world …

Poll: ‘Climate Change’ Remains Very Low Priority For Voters

Yet another in a very long string of state and national polls shows that “climate change” is not a high priority for voters, and they haven’t paid much attention to the latest climate confab in Paris, which had a carbon footprint bigger than a thousand normal Americans living average lives for an entire year.


Solar Firm Quits UK, Blames Government For Not Giving It Enough Money

A solar energy firm has quit the UK after complaining it doesn’t receive enough taxpayer-funded subsidies. Zep Solar UK, which is backed by billionaire inventor Elon Musk, accused the government of not doing enough to support the industry A spokesman

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New Evidence: Wind Farms Contaminating Water Supply in Scotland

Campaigners in Scotland are calling for a full, independent investigation into allegations that wind farms are contaminating water supplies across large areas of Scotland. They have written to the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Energy Secretary Amber Rudd calling for

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Australia Slashes Renewables Target By 20 Per Cent

The Australian government has slashed its renewable energy generating targets by nearly 20 per cent in keeping with election campaign promises made by Prime Minister Tony Abbott. In the culmination of protracted negotiations over the last few months, the Australian

Scotland claims leads in low-carbon agenda

Renewable energy continues to destabilise German energy grid

Germans in Cologne had a shock last weekend as several areas experienced black outs three times in 24 hours. One outage lasted for 45 minutes. Among other places hit in the region was the popular amusement park Phantasialand. German blogger


Wind Farm Industry Plans New Wave of Mega-Turbines

Thousands of mega-wind turbines more than double the height of Big Ben could be set up across Britain if the wind power industry gets its way. A “cost reduction task force” has argued that constructing more mega-turbines would bring down

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Smart Batteries will make Stupid Renewable Subsidies Less Stupid

By doubling the percentage of electric power generation that must be “renewable” by 2020 to 33 percent, California–with the highest poverty rate in the nation–will continue paying the highest utility rates in the nation.