Israeli Iron Fist Weapons System for Dutch Combat Vehicles

An Israeli tank arrives at the Israel-Lebanon border from south Lebanon, 20 August 2006. A fragile truce to end a month-long war in Lebanon was facing its biggest test today after an Israeli commando raid against Hezbollah which UN chief Kofi Annan charged was a violation of the ceasefire deal. …

Defense News reports: WASHINGTON — The Netherlands awarded BAE Systems a contract last month to test and verify the Iron Fist active protection system (APS) on its CV90 Infantry Fighting Vehicles.

IMI Systems’ Iron Fist uses a radar to detect, track and intercept incoming rocket-propelled grenades and anti-tank missiles among other threats to the vehicle and its crew. IMI Systems was formerly Israeli Military Industries.

The US Army is also in the process of assessing Iron Fist for possible incorporation on combat vehicles, partly spurred by the possibility that Russia is ahead of the US when it comes to armor protection.

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