Lebanese Politician Mocks Saudi Arabia’s Extravagant Welcome Ceremony For President Trump

AP/Evan Vucci

TEL AVIV — A post by Hezbollah-aligned Lebanese politician Wiam Wahab stirred up a lively debate on his Twitter account when he hinted at criticism of Saudi Arabia for the extravagant welcome given to President Donald Trump when he landed in Riyadh as opposed to the smaller reception that Trump and his wife Melania received in Israel.

“Trump’s welcome cost Israel six chairs and six bottles of water,” Wahab posted along with a photo of Trump speaking at the welcoming ceremony at Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport. Trump and the First Lady are seen flanked by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin and their wives. Next to them are small tables and bottles of water.

The post drew criticism from social media users in Saudi Arabia who were quick to respond. One person named Hilali wrote, “If Iran wasn’t interfering in Arab countries we wouldn’t be forced to pay $350 billion to defend ourselves and we would, as we have always done, donate and develop infrastructure in our sister nations.”

Another Twitter user named Ziad wrote, “Every problem with Iran could be solved by regional dialogue and cooperation and it wouldn’t cost a single cent. All these weapons won’t do anything,” referring to the arms deal signed between Saudi Arabia and the U.S.

Muhammad Aladeeb wrote, “Maybe even they (the Israelis) left him with lunch or dinner.”


A social media user named Fouad wrote, “If he would have eaten lunch he definitely would have paid them from the $350 billion he got from Saudi Arabia.”

Another person criticized the Arab leaders, writing, “So why deny it? The leaders of Iran always say their hand is outstretched for peace. With Israel, they (the Arabs) have been dealing for 60 years already and with Iran they refuse to hold negotiations.”

A Saudi man, Fahad, answered the Lebanese politician, writing, “Lebanon cost us a lot more and took from us much more and the bottom line is there is no thanks and get Hassan (Nasrallah)’s gang and Qassem Suleimani (commander of the al-Quds forces in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards).”


Dorar reprimanded the Lebanese politician for pronouncing the name of Israel: “It’s called occupied Palestine, there is no such thing as Israel.”


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