Arab Social Media Celebrates U.N. Anti-Israel Resolution on Jerusalem

arab social media

TEL AVIV – Arab social media was in celebratory mode in the hours following the UN General Assembly’s nonbinding vote seeking to essentially rescind President Donald Trump’s declaration recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Yemen and Turkey were the two countries that presented the final wording of the resolution condemning America’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

“The UN General Assembly voted with a majority of 128 countries in favor of the Arab resolution presented by Yemen, chairman of the Arab Bloc in the UN, regarding Jerusalem,” wrote Yemen’s Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Abdel Malek Al Mukhlafi on Twitter. “And that’s a huge majority, showing that the entire world is against any change in Jerusalem’s legal or historic status and against Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the Israeli entity – this in spite of the pressure and threats.”

Hasina Ouchan, a journalist with Qatar’s Al Jazeera, decided to focus on Britain’s vote, writing, “Britain has voted against U.S. for the second time in four days. Once in the Security Council and a second time in the General Assembly.”

Rim Bougamra, another Al Jazeera journalist, wrote, “The General Assembly has condemned Trump’s position regarding Jerusalem. 128 votes were cast in favor of the declaration (against Trump), nine against and 35 countries abstained.”

Saudi academic Musaad Abdullah wrote, “Unfortunately, the decision is moral and according to the rules of the UN, it doesn’t obligate any one of the sides.”

Syrian political activist and media figure Omar Madaniah posted, “The UN General Assembly condemns Trump’s decision regarding Jerusalem with a huge majority.”

Jihad Hiles, an Islamist author from Gaza, wrote, “Despite Trump’s bullying and threats against the countries of the world, 128 of them oppose Trump’s decision regarding Jerusalem and believe that the decision wrongs the Palestinians.”

Saudi activist Bader Sultan focused on the “unimportant” countries who voted in favor of the U.S. and Israel and wrote alongside a list of countries and how they voted: “The countries marked in red are those who voted in favor of Trump, including America, Guatemala and Honduras, all of which are worthless countries that no one has any need for.”

Saudi activist Abo Abdulmajeed tried to calm all the excitement, writing, “Forget about it, the veto is much stronger.”

Saudi academic Suliman al-Zahrani wrote simply, “The world is with Palestine, Trump is with Israel.”

Abo Ayman, a historian in Yemen, wrote, “Just nine countries voted against the draft resolution in the UN General Assembly. That means that only seven countries voted in favor of the U.S. and the Zionist entity. This is a message to all the defeatist crooks and peddlers of normalization.”

Egyptian activist Lubna al-Mujahed chose to criticize Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, writing, “There you go, among the 128 countries that voted against Trump are countries that receive aid from the Emirates and the Saudis. We’ll hear very soon that the Emirates and the Saudis have ended their aid to those countries. That was the talk in the halls of the UN before the vote. Saudi and the Emirates will lay siege to these countries after the vote or try to ignite conflicts within them. Anything is possible.”


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