WATCH: Israeli Innovation Could Help Save Cape Town from Water Crisis

The Times of Israel reports: For months, Cape Town, a city of four million people, has been facing the doomsday scenario of taps running dry. The city’s Theewaterskloof Dam, a water reservoir which once supplied the city 50 percent of its supply, looks more like a desert area.

Two cataclysmic issues are at the center of Cape Town’s water crisis. First, the scarcity of rainfall: in the past three years, the once reliable rains that fell during winter months have disappeared. Second is the inequity in the distribution of water. South Africa’s mostly white wealthy populations have access to water from their taps and its poor, primarily black, inhabitants live in informal settlements that are not equipped with infrastructure to receive clean drinking water, experts say.

Since South Africa has a long coastline, two former Israeli rocket scientists, Moshe Tshuva, the head of the Energy Department at the Afeka-Tel Aviv College of Engineering, and Joshua Altman, the co-founders of Tethys Solar Desalinization (TSD), a Tel Aviv-based startup, say they may have a solution to Cape Town’s water issues.

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