Hamas Video Glorifies Terror Tunnel Diggers as ‘Liberators’


Ynetnews reports: A Hamas-run TV channel which broadcasts in the Gaza Strip, aired at the end of last week a video clip which appeared to be aimed at glorifying the dull and dangerous work carried out by the diggers of tunnels.

The short TV item, likely produced entirely by the spokesperson’s unit of the terror group’s military wing, was broadcast on the “Al-Quds” channel and also appeared to be aimed at recruiting more activists. The diggers can be seen dragging containers to which sand is transported and digging away as they construct the tunnels. They are also filmed in what appears to be a subterranean resting room where they sit and pray.

The producers of the short video were careful to avoid divulging, however, any details about the nature of the work, its hours, the number of people required for each shift, and also avoided revealing whether it was about defensive or attack tunnels.

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