Prepare to Die: Iran Says ‘Filthy Enemies’ Face Surprise Attack by ‘Secret Weapons’

Iranian soldiers march during a parade marking the country's Army Day, on April 18, 2017,

Iran’s “filthy enemies” in the U.S. military should gird themselves for attack by deadly “secret weapons,” an Iranian military commander warned Wednesday.

The FNA news outlet said the commander of the Iranian Army’s Khatam ol-Anbiya Air Defense Base, Brigadier General Alireza Sabahi Fard, pledged “to hand the enemies the harshest response” in any conflict with the Islamic Republic, saying Iran owns secret weapons to be used in “rainy days.”

“Our deterrence and secret weapons have stopped the filthy enemy 200 miles away (from the Iranian borders) in the Strait of Hormuz,” General Sabahi Fard said. “The enemy knows very well that it should not go for testing Iran’s combat capability as its first mistake will be its last,” he added.

His warning follows a similar one issued Monday by the military commander of Khatam ol-Anbia headquarters, Major General Gholam Ali Rashid, who advised the U.S. to look to Iraq and Afghanistan, warning Iran would give a “strong and crushing response” to its enemies.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran’s Armed Forces will undoubtedly give a strong response to any aggressive move by enemies against the Islamic Iran’s islands and sea, ground and air borders and will make them regret their deeds,” General Rashid said.

He cautioned any war between the U.S. and Iran would be really quite expensive, and for that reason U.S. forces will think again. General Rashid then outlined:

The U.S. should have taken a lesson from its mistakes of Iraq and Afghanistan invasions which imposed $7,000bln of expenses (on the U.S.) and 70,000 casualties on these countries, and avoid making an irreversible mistake in its calculations when making decisions.

He also underscored the Iranian military commanders’ “prudence and intelligence superiority” to prevent a war, meantime, revealing  Iran is ready to inflict “heavy expenses on the aggressors and make rapid and timely decisions” in a way likely to scare U.S. troops into surrending immediately they are confronted.

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