Democrat Candidate for Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs Says ‘It’s Ridiculous’ to Focus on Border Security

In this Jan. 6, 2017, file photo, Arizona Senate minority leader Katie Hobbs, D-Phoenix, speaks at the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry's 2017 Legislative Forecast Luncheon in Phoenix. The vote wasn't as predictably Republican this time around, but don't call Arizona a purple state yet. Political analysts say Democratic …
AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin

Democrat candidate for Arizona governor Katie Hobbs said that it is “ridiculous” that border security is an issue in her race. 

In an interview with the Arizona Republic, Hobbs said in reference to immigration and border security that “it’s ridiculous that we are talking about this as a core issue in the governor’s race.” 

Meanwhile, just under 5 million illegal immigrants have crossed our southern border since Joe Biden took office. 

According to her website, Hobbs believes in a “path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants living in the United States.” A Yale study from 2018 found that there may have been as many as 22 million illegal immigrants in the United States at that time. 

According to recent polling from Gallup, a plurality of Americans want immigration into the United States to be decreased. While 38 percent say they would like to see less immigration, 31 percent say it should be maintained at present levels, while only 27 percent say they believe we should have more immigration. 

Hobbs is running against Trump-endorsed gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake. The Republican candidate notes that “Arizona’s border with Mexico stretches 373 miles, representing 19 percent of the total length of the U.S. Mexico border,” which is more than California and New Mexico combined.

Lake’s website remarks that “violent narco-terrorists are taking advantage” of the Biden border crisis, using it to “traffic and abuse women and children, murder their rivals, and sow chaos at the expense of innocent Arizonans.”

Lake has laid out a detailed plan to secure our southern border, which includes the creation of an “interstate compact for border security” in which member states would work together to “declare their territories as under invasion,” “authorize the creation of a dedicated border security force,” and take various other actions. 

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