Dear Dad,

November 18, 2010

Dear Dad,

Though I talk to you every day, a lot has gone on since I last wrote.

The good news is the American people have stepped up, becoming tea fueled activists. The Tea party movement drove a gain of 60 seats on November 2 earning Republicans control of the House. Republicans also gained 6 senate seats. It is our responsibility now to make sure the new majority holds tight to conservative principles. We need to ensure they repeal or at least defund Obamacare, reverse the out of control government expansion and maintain taxes (though unnecessarily high now) at least at current levels. These would be good first steps to restoring your grandkid’s futures.

Of course with Obama, there is always a downside. On Wednesday the civilian jury acquitted terrorist Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani of 284 of 285 charges including all murder charges. Dad, this is the first al-Qaeda terrorist taken from Guantanamo Bay and tried in civilian court since Steve and all the others were killed on 9/11/01.

Eric Holder, the stooge AG and architect of the release of those FALN terrorists who murdered you in cold blood, and his boss Barack Obama, friend of Bill Ayers, want these animals tried in US civilian courts, on the US mainland with all the rights of US citizens. You remember Bill Ayers. He was a member of the Weathermen terrorist group when you were killed. The Weathermen were connected to other radical groups like the FALN and Black Panthers through, among other things, their Cuban training.

As Obama said in a May 21, 2009 speech, “That is why we are doing away with the poorly planned, haphazard approach that let those detainees go in the past. Instead, we are treating these cases with the care and attention that the law requires and our security demands.” I guess the only ones who did not see this coming were in the Obama administration.

So this Ghailani will face 20 years or so in jail. Then, some craven, ideological political zealot similar to Holder, the Clintons or Obama will release him; claiming nonsense, as they did when they released your killers, that he was never convicted of any violence.

I am sure you see things more clearly from above than we do here. To our mortal eyes, it’s apparent that Obama and Holder are playing Russian roulette with America, (as the Clintons and Holder did when they released the FALN) encouraging terrorism by extending US constitutional rights to those who are sworn to kill us.

Today, it was reported that Obama is “satisfied” with the verdict and will push for more civilian trials. Naturally he is satisfied. Obama, Holder and their like wanted that kind of verdict.

This junta in power is perverse and dangerous. Indeed dad, as I said before, these kind of people couldn’t take our country through terror. Instead they used our open political arena against us; taking power by deceit. Finally, we have started to take our county back. With the guidance of a higher power and Americans like you who gave their lives before us, we will ultimately win our country back.

Almost forgot to mention, the family is great. Mom keeps going strong. She is 70 something and amazing. We were very fortunate having Gerry as our stepfather. As you know, he is a good man, a terrific grandfather and has lived in the shadow of your “ghost” for a long time.

Danielle and the kids are great. You would be very proud of them. Frank wrote an 8th grade essay on terrorism where he said, “though I never met him, my grandpa was killed by terrorists.” Do you know how that made me feel?

Kathleen is so excited; doing great in middle school and going “on point” in dance.

Love you and miss you.



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