Iran-Backed Terrorists Tighten Their Grip on Lebanon

Hezbollah poised to take over in Lebanon

Let’s face it, the Muslim world plays a game with which America’s diplomatic and intelligence elites are totally unfamiliar. But that also prompts a question: OK, so what’s Israel’s excuse? By allowing D.C. rubes to lead her around by the nose, the Jewish state has backed itself into increasingly tighter corners, until today Israel is almost completely boxed in. Hamastan to its south, an American-armed and-trained PLO “sleeper” militia to its east, and now an entire country taken over by Hezbollah to the north. Fortunately, Israeli Jews still have an escape route through its coastline to the sea. The bottom line? After two decades of failed negotiations, successive concessions and obeisance to Washington, Israel’s enemies have never been closer or better armed. I can hear the mullahs now, “who needs an H-bomb when we can gain the advantage and wipe Israel off the map without getting our hands dirty?”

So much for that “wily Jew” canard.