News Is Too Important To Be Left To Journolists

Here is a message I sent out to my list via email yesterday:

Incredibly, all the items below are talking about the same Newsweek poll! Even more incredibly, to buttress his Pollyannaish fantasy, the Atlantic guy links to the Newsweek poll, betting you’ll never click on it because it completely contradicts him!

Chart of the Day: Muslim Brotherhood Is Deeply Unpopular in Egypt

–Max Fisher associate editor at The Atlantic, 7/26/2011

New Poll: ‘Trouble for the West’ as Egyptians On Pace to Elect Muslim Brotherhood

–Jonathon M. Seidl assistant editor at The Blaze

Egypt’s Simmering Rage

An exclusive Newsweek/Daily Beast poll of Egyptian voters portends Muslim Brotherhood influence, and trouble for the West, with this fall’s elections approaching.

–The Daily Beast (a Newsweek product)

Today comes concrete proof from Reuters that Mr. Fisher is completely detached from reality, or at the very least, running from it.

“Tens of thousands of Egyptians rallied on Friday in a bid to show Islamists and liberal groups were united in wanting change, but the overwhelmingly Islamic tone of chants and banners exposed differences between the two sides.” (Reuters)

Exit question: Where is Huntley & Brinkley when you need them?


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