Army Survey: 1 in 5 Officers Are 'Toxic And Unethical'; Many Need To Be 'Removed From Command'

In a massive survey of 22,630 soldiers, the Army has discovered that a whopping 1 in 5 see their superior as “toxic and unethical.” Only 27% believe that their organization allows the frank and free flow of ideas. Army Chief of Staff Martin Dempsey says that part of the problem is that the Army is strained. “Ten years of continuous operations have strained the force,” he says. How do they define “toxic” behavior?

Strong or toxic?

Commanders and leaders who avoid subordinates, behave aggressively toward others, denigrate subordinates, hoard information, blame others for their own problems and intimidating others. General Walter Ulmer (Ret.) is quoted in the report as saying that by his estimate, 8 to 12 percent of officers colonel and higher are so bad that they need to “be removed from command.” Yikes.

You can read the full story in the Army Times here.


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