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Gen. Jack Keane: Cutting to the Bone


Tonight on Secure Freedom Radio: Will President Obama’s decision to remove the surge forces in Afghanistan put the remaining 3,000 American forces at risk? General Jack Keane examines the administration’s proposed pull out of 30,000 troops by next September. Although the Taliban has been largely defeated in southern Afghanistan, the operation in the east continues to face threats. It is not a matter of the Taliban having endeared themselves in the hearts and minds of the people in the east, but rather that these people live in continued fear of the militant forces. General Keane argues that once all members of the Taliban have been killed, the Afghan people will be automatically on our sides. Since General Allen has taken over control of the US forces in Afghanistan, he has started an assessment of the situation. In his assessment, he has laid out an unacceptable level of risk associated with the current plans for troop withdrawal. However, the President continues to ignore the council of generals who argue that 3,000 troops will not be enough to secure the nation.

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