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Dean Cheng: Dominating Its Neighbors


Tonight on Secure Freedom Radio: What is Communist China up to these days and what does a secretive Beijing mean for its people, the United States, and its neighbors in the region? Research Fellow of the Asian Studies Center at the Heritage Foundation, Dean Cheng joins Frank for the entire show to delve into specifics about the role China is playing in the international community. According to Cheng, Communist China functions quite differently from the former USSR. While China now boasts the second largest economy in the world, the Soviet Union had a smaller economy than originally believed. Moreover, the Chinese leadership observed the failures of the USSR and kept the PLA a primarily local force, while making the economy functional on a global scale. This was a carefully crafted move by the Chinese, says Cheng, who put methodical thought into the process of military and naval expansion and the modernization of its capabilities. Thus, there will not be a sudden break out capacity of the Chinese military, but rather they will have developed a military adept at carrying out a long war against its enemies.

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