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Bill Warner: Three Lies About Islam


Tonight on Secure Freedom Radio: Is it true that non-Muslims simply do not have the religious depth to understand the true meaning of the writings in the Quran? Director of the Center for the Study of Political Islam, Bill Warner stopped by Secure Freedom Radio to discuss a recent series of books that he published about the doctrine of Islam called the Taste of Islam.

Being a physicist, Bill Warner does not delve into the religious underlining of Islam but rather the strategic way it has been used to manipulate non-Muslims in the Western world. As Westerners, Americans have been told three lies about Islam. Is it true that we were not able to identify such lies before because Islam is just too complicated for us to understand, or have we been relying strictly on Muslim experts who portray it as such? By researching the issues and the Quran itself, Warner has tried to simplify these same works and understand them as those illiterate Muslims would have back in the time of Mohammed.

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