N. Korea, China Talk Post Missile Firing

N. Korea, China Talk Post Missile Firing

BEIJING, April 22 (UPI) —

Senior Chinese and North Korean officials held talks in Beijing eight days after Pyongyang’s controversial missile launch, state media reported from Pyongyang.

Details of the talks Saturday weren’t disclosed, but the government’s Korean Central News Agency said Sunday it was an amicable session.

The chief diplomats were Kim Yong-il, the secretary for international affairs at the North Korean Workers’ Party, and Wang Jiarui, the head of the Chinese Communist Party’s international department, Japan’s Yonhap news agency said.

China made a rare move against its traditional ally last week in joining a United Nations Security Council condemnation of North Korea’s well-publicized plans to launch a ballistic missile April 13.

The rocket exploded less than two minutes after take-off.

Pyongyang has maintained the project was meant to send a satellite into orbit, but the majority of U.N. members expressed doubts and “blasted it as a cover for testing improved ballistic missile technology,” Yonhap said.