Al-Qaeda Plot to Blow Up US Planes Uncovered

Al-Qaeda Plot to Blow Up US Planes Uncovered

In August 2009 the Obama administration quit using the phrase “War on Terror,” and in April 2012 the administration pronounced the war on terror over altogether.

Somebody forgot to tell Al Qaeda that the war was over, because their plan to blow up U.S. passenger planes in the days leading up to the London games was just uncovered.

According to the New York Post, “Al Qaeda’s Yemen-based terror cell, the same organization behind the 2009 attempted underwear bombing [in the U.S.], is believed to be behind this latest planned attack.” British intelligence officials discovered that “Al Qaeda has recruited a Norwegian convert who goes by the Islamic name of Muslim Abu Abdurrahman at a training camp in Yemen to carry out the plot.”

Although the Post reports that “Al Qaeda’s Yemen affiliate has attempted at least three other bombings on US planes since 2009, all of which were detected and averted,” the comfort we might derive from these aversions is lost on the fact that our President has unilaterally decided the war on terror is finished.