Report: Hillary Talked Obama into Going After Bin Laden

Report: Hillary Talked Obama into Going After Bin Laden

According to a new book, not only did Valerie Jarrett dissuade Obama from going after Osama bin Laden three times prior to the successful mission in May 2011, but the key figure in persuading Obama to authorize the mission was Sec. of State Hillary Clinton. 

In “Leading From Behind: The Reluctant President and the Advisers Who Decide for Him,” author Richard Miniter claims Sec. Clinton was well aware that “her husband had paid a political price for failing to stop bin Laden before the September 11 attacks,” and she “knew Obama’s presidency would be mortally wounded” if he had the chance to kill bin Laden but didn’t take it.

Even with Clinton’s support, Miniter says Obama was basically frozen in place for a time — aware that something needed to be done but still “uneasy” about allowing bin Laden to be taken out. According to Miniter, Obama was still undecided on the mission the very day before it took place.

Miniter’s claims stand in stark contrast to Democrat Sen. Jeanne Shaheen’s contention that Obama “led the mission” that killed bin Laden. Far from leading, it appears Obama had to be pushed, and finally dragged kicking and screaming, just to get authorization for the kill. 


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