The Eurozone Faces Stark Economic Divide

The Eurozone Faces Stark Economic Divide

Unemployment continues to climb throughout the Eurozone, with figures at highs of 25.1 percent in Spain and 24.4 percent in Greece. But in Germany, where leaders have called for a more federal Europe, unemployment is approximately 5.5 percent.

This news comes as countries like Greece, Spain, and others have continued down the path of funding the very socialist programs that brought financial hardships in the first place, while relying on bailouts and funds from other nations to save themselves from utter ruin. And while Greece, Spain, and others have taken this course, Germany has benefited from investments made in other nations.

Germany has also taken advantage of the declining value of the Euro to make its exports “outside the Eurozone far more competitive.”

Youth unemployment across much of the Eurozone is rising as fast as unemployment for adults. In Germany, however, youth unemployment numbers remain in single digits and have fallen .4 percent in the most recent reports.