Benghazi Security Agents Touted Pre-Sept 11: Where Are They Now?

Benghazi Security Agents Touted Pre-Sept 11: Where Are They Now?

Before the Sept. 11, 2012 attack on the Benghazi consulate took place, the State Dept. couldn’t pass up a chance to publicize the names and faces of Diplomatic Security (DS) agents in country. However, since the attack that claimed Ambassador Stevens’ life, we’ve not only been denied names and faces of DS agents who fought that day, but the opportunity to sit and ask them to tell their side of the story as well.

Congress hasn’t even been allowed to talk to them.

In the publicly accessible State Magazine, dated December 2011, the State Dept. published myriad photos and names of DS agents who were on the ground with Ambassador Stevens as the U.S. attempted to build “a diplomatic outpost in Benghazi.”

Among the agents listed were: “Brian Haggerty, Kent Anderson, Josh Vincent, Chris Deedy, James Mcanelly, Jason Bierly, Ken Davis, and Keith Carter.” Where are they now?  

The magazine also has a picture of Ambassador Stevens walking in Benghazi with RSO agent Michael Ranger on his left. Where is he now?

Did these men just disappear? Have they all been re-assigned so as to keep them away from Benghazi investigators?

Moreover, how many more, just like them, were in or around the Benghazi consulate on the day of the attack and could possibly shed some light on what took place?