Islamists Demand Imran Firasat's Deportation Over YouTube Video

Islamists Demand Imran Firasat's Deportation Over YouTube Video

As previously reported on Feb 6, Imran Firasat faces the threat of deportation from Spain for insulting Islam. 

Those calling for his deportation largely justify it by pointing to a film he made about the Prophet Mohammed. However, according to Firasat’s attorney Sam Nunberg, “the Spanish Government has not cited once instance where Imran’s video has caused a national security disturbance or a single complaint.”

What seems to be happening is not so much some outlandish offense on Firasat’s part as much as it is a zero tolerance for different viewpoints by the Islamists calling for his deportation. 

Because of this, YouTube placed a warning on Imran’s video, The Innocent Prophet, which states: “The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as being potentially offensive or inappropriate. Viewer discretion is advised.”

Although  Imran faces serious threats than cannot be ignored, this controversy is really not about him as much as it is about those who refuse to tolerate free speech. His case is receiving focused attention from Legal Project, a part of Dr. Daniel Pipes’ Middle East Forum.


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