**Troopathon Today** Andrew Breitbart's Personal Connection

**Troopathon Today** Andrew Breitbart's Personal Connection

This afternoon, I have the high honor to co-host Troopathon. The online telethon will be broadcast live here at Breitbart News from 1PM – 11PM PT, as it has been for the past five years. To understand Troopathon and Breitbart News’ commitment to the event, you need to first understand Andrew Breitbart’s personal connection to it.

Andrew’s living room looked out over the Los Angeles National Cemetery in Westwood, CA. The glistening white tombstones of America’s fallen heroes greeted Andrew every morning as he started each day. It is what he reflected on every evening as he finished his day. Imagine how humbling and inspiring that would be for you if each day your day’s efforts were judged against America’s greatest heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice for your freedoms. 

It’s no wonder that when radio host Melanie Morgan and Gold Star mom Debbie Lee asked Andrew to participate in “Troopathon” to raise money for care packages for our troops fighting overseas, he didn’t hesitate. As with everything he did, Andrew dove face first and gave 100%. 

Many people wonder why Andrew cut his trademark long hair in 2009 and emerged with a military-style buzz-cut. It was because of a challenge he gave viewers during Troopathon. Andrew also did Troopathon 2011 wearing his trademark rollerblades. 

During the 2010 and 2011 Troopathon broadcasts, I joined Andrew on the set. He committed all of his energy and focus in those 12 hours to trying to raise as much money as possible for our brave warriors. He also committed his websites to the cause, making sure that the live stream was given a prominent location to maximize viewership. 

Today, as I begin the 6th Troopathon broadcast with co-hosts Morgan, Lee, and Gov. Mike Huckabee, I will take a moment to picture that beautiful view from the picture windows in Andrew’s living room. I hope you will do the same. Tune in, Tweet out, share on Facebook, and above all, make a donation to send a little bit of home to our troops who are willing to sacrifice everything for you and your children.