MI5 Agent Told He Cannot Stay in Britain Due to Criminal Record

MI5 Agent Told He Cannot Stay in Britain Due to Criminal Record

A former MI5 agent has been told by British authorities that he cannot remain in Britain due to a criminal record, despite his service infiltrating Al Qaeda cells and helping to thwart extremists.

The man, who cannot be named for security reasons, claims that he worked for MI5 for six years, and that his work was used by former Home Secretary David Blunkett, and even ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair, enabling the British establishment to stave off terrorist attacks. 

The man’s case is due to be heard in May, when his lawyers will likely explain to the court that the Moroccan-born agent was recruited in 2000, after spending time in the country of Georgia at the behest of radical Islamist preacher Abu Hamza. 

The Daily Mail on Sunday claims to have seen legal papers which back this up, and the story goes that the former MI5 agent was deployed across Europe, including to Belgium, and Ireland, to infiltrate extremist groups which posed a threat to the UK. 

The Mail reports: “in January 2004, when he faced a further two years in prison, he claims he was visited by an MI5 officer who told him then-Home Secretary David Blunkett had authorised his transfer to Britain.”

Upon his return, the agent is said to have trained with MI5, going on to help hunt down extremists linked to the July 7, 2005 (7/7) bombings in London. 

“But in February 2006”, The Mail claims, “MI5 summoned him to a meeting in a hotel in Surrey, where he was told the relationship was being terminated because he was no longer any use to them.”

The man insists that he was offered £10,000 to leave the United Kingdom for Morocco, but he refuses to return, claiming that he faces arrest and possible torture if he does. He also has a wife, a British citizen, and a 5-year-old daughter in the UK.


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