Venezuela Breaks Ties With Panama, Terror Groups Honor Chavez in Cuba

Venezuela Breaks Ties With Panama, Terror Groups Honor Chavez in Cuba

Another day, another bizarre set of moves by the assorted thugs allied with Venezuelan’s socialist totalitarian regime. President Maduro, facing a ceaseless tide of protests, announced he would break diplomatic ties with Panamá today, as the terrorist guerrilla group FARC honored the legacy of Hugo Chávez in Havana.

“Those who mess with us cannot complain in this world when the ire of the gods descends upon them,” Maduro said in a typically dramatic speech delivered at a military observance of the one year anniversary of Hugo Chávez’s death. Hours after announcing in that speech that he was “evaluating a very definitive response to a lackey government conspiring openly against the Venezuelan government,” Maduro announced that he would break economic and diplomatic ties with Panamá, “in defense of the sovereignty and peace of the nation.” Bolivian President Evo Morales was present at the event, an implicit showing of solidarity with the economic war on Panamá.


The Panamanian government incurred the wrath of the strongman dictator by appealing to the Organization of American States to investigate the various human rights abuses of the Venezuelan government in the past month, beginning with the arrest of opposition party leader Leopoldo López last February. According to Spanish newspaper ABC, the current streak of protests have claimed the lives of 19 student protesters and injured more than 260 individuals. The number of arrests for expression have passed the thousand detention mark, and reports have surfaced of unconscionable abuses during those detentions. In the most egregious account, one Spanish citizen detained for days after participating in a protest has alleged that he was raped repeatedly with a rifle by Cuban soldiers during his detention.

The declaration of “economic war” against Panamá was not the only strange event to come out of services in honor of Chávez. Miles away in Havana, the Colombian-based Marxist terror group Armed Revolutionary Forces of Colombia honored the Venezuelan leader for all he did to help them continue to oppress the people of their country. With music. The organization sent two of its “composers” to Havana as representatives for peace talks between the group and the Colombian government, but the pair used the occasion to present a “folk song” against the “oligarchs.” It was a barely kept secret during the Chávez years that his government funded some wings of the FARC and encouraged their kidnapping, murder, and drug trade in Colombia. Maduro has kept some of those ties, antagonizing the Colombian government and haranguing the state for their ties to the United States.


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