Seven Car Bombs Explode 'Almost Simultaneously' Across Iraq

Seven Car Bombs Explode 'Almost Simultaneously' Across Iraq

At least 21 people were killed and 82 wounded on May 13th when seven cars bombs exploded “almost simultaneously” in Iraq.

According to Business Standard, one of the bombs went off in Sadr City, killing one and injuring nine. Another in the same area killed two and injured six. A bomb detonated in Jamila, killing one and leaving ten inured, while a bomb in eastern Baghdad’s Baladiyat district killed three and injured ten.

Among the other explosions was one in southern Baghdad, which injured one civilian. In northern Iraq two car bombers “struck an army base… killing two people dead and [leaving] 11 soldiers injured.”

At “a main hospital in the city of Balad,” a bomb killed five people and injured fifteen.

In Anbar province “an Iraqi Army force clashed with gunmen and killed five militants,” destroying their vehicles as well.

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