Clintons Remain Silent on Financial Ties to Sultan of Brunei

Clintons Remain Silent on Financial Ties to Sultan of Brunei

Weeks ago, the Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah, billionaire friend and top donor to the Clinton Global Initiative, announced the adoption of Sharia law to enable his Southeast Asian Sultanate to “legally” stone gays and behead adulterers. However, officials from the “charitable” foundations established by Bill and Hillary Clinton still refuse to say whether their bosses will ever return all or even any of the estimated $5 million thought to have been given to them by the Sultan of Brunei over the years.

The Clinton Foundation is playing a key role in helping ready Hillary Clinton for another presidential campaign in 2016. During a visit to Brunei just last year, Mrs. Clinton “paid homage” to the man whose Los Angeles hotels are being boycotted and picketed by Hollywood celebrities and pro-gay rights activists following his decision to use Islamic law to stone gay people and cut the heads off those who commit adultery.

The Sultan’s adoption of Sharia has been condemned by officials from nearly every Western nation. The United Nations condemned the “legalization” of death by stoning for gays, as has President Obama. However, neither of the Clintons, self-proclaimed champions of human, gay, and women’s rights around the world, have yet to even comment on the matter, let alone condemn the Sultan.

Last month, the Sultan imposed the first of three phases of Sharia law starting with jail sentences for women convicted of becoming pregnant outside marriage, not attending Mosque, practicing Christianity, or engaging in what the Sultanate calls “indecent behavior.” Phase one took effect immediately upon being announced in late April.

Phase two of Sharia law in Brunei that takes effect starting January 1 of next year brings back caning punishments as well as the amputation of hands and feet for theft and other crimes.

Sharia law’s imposition will be complete with the adoption and implementation of phase three, scheduled to take effect in early 2016. At that point, death penalties for people convicted of adultery, “sodomy,” “apostasy,” “blasphemy,” and other un-Islamic crimes will be mandatory and not subject to judicial appeal. 

Last week, the New York Times was the first to report that the Sultan of Brunei’s embattled US businesses retained the services of Mark Fabiani to help with damage control. Fabiani formerly served in the White House as chief counsel and close personal adviser to President Bill Clinton.