World View: Major Faction Defects from Pakistan Taliban

World View: Major Faction Defects from Pakistan Taliban

This morning’s key headlines from

  • Riot police dismantle migrant camps in Calais France
  • 1,000 migrants storm Spain’s Melilla enclave in Africa
  • Major faction defects from Pakistan Taliban, splitting it in two
  • Is this the end of the TTP (Pakistan Taliban)?

Riot police dismantle migrant camps in Calais, France

Three days after the anti-immigrant Front National party hammeredFrance’s ruling Socialist party in elections of members to theEuropean Parliament, French riot police began forcibly evacuatingthree migrant campsites in the northern city of Calais on Wednesday.Some 500 migrants, mostly from Syria and Afghanistan, were forced tograb whatever belongings they could before bulldozers came and clearedthe area. 

Calais is a port town on the English Channel, and it’s France’sclosest point to Britain. Each year it draws thousands of migrantshoping to travel to Britain, where they would try to get a job andtake advantage of Britain’s welfare and health benefits. France 24 and Euro News

1,000 migrants storm Spain’s Melilla enclave in Africa

On the same day that French riot police stormed the Calais migrantcamp, about 1,000 African migrants in Morocco stormed the border andentered Spain’s Melilla enclave. The enclave is considered Spanishterritory, and therefore European territory. The border betweenMorocco and Melilla is separated by two tall metallic fences. If onlya few migrants attempt to cross, then the border police can stop them.But on Wednesday, 1,000 migrants stormed the border in a coordinatedcrossing. Some 400 of the migrants made it across and headed for theCETI refugee center there. The refugee center is supposed to handleonly 500 refugees, but it’s now accommodating about 2,000. Themigrants will be processed at the center. A few will be offeredasylum in mainland Spain, and the rest will be sent back. The Local (Spain)

Major faction defects from Pakistan Taliban, splitting it in two

Pakistanis are expressing glee at the news of a major split in thePakistani Taliban (Tehrik-e-Taliban – TTP). 

The TTP is an umbrella organization for a number of terroristgroups in Pakistan. The TTP was founded in 2007 and led foryears by Baitullah Mehsud, from the Mehsud tribe in Waziristan.Baitullah Mehsud was killed by an American drone strike in 2009. Hewas succeeded by Hakimullah Mehsud, but Hakimullah Mehsud, also fromthe Mehsud tribe, was later killed by another drone strike, this timein November 2011.

The TTP was taken over by a non-Mehsud leader, Maulana Fazlullah. Anumber of factions have been unhappy with Fazlullah’s leadership, andthere have been bloody clashes between different militantorganizations, becoming more violent in the last few weeks. 

A spokesman for the Mehsud tribe said on Wednesday: 

We announce our defection from the Tehrik-e-TalibanPakistan, we have chosen Khalid Mehsud as the new leader for SouthWaziristan.

The present (Fazlullah-led) Taliban regime is carrying out bombattacks on public places with bogus names and also money is beingextorted from madrassas and other institutions which is notacceptable.

[The leadership] within the TTP has gone towards robberies,extortion, unjustified killing [and targeting] Islamic madrassas,and it is taking foreign funding to attack targets in Afghanistan,taking responsibility for attacks under false identities, creatingdivisions within other jihadi groups, and especially spreadingunfounded propaganda against the Afghan Taliban.

The TTP leadership has fallen into the hands of a bunch ofconspirators, the umbrella organization is involved in criminalactivities like robbery and extortion.

We consider the bombing of public places, extortion andkidnappings un-Islamic, and since the TTP leaders continued withthese practices, we decided we should not share theresponsibility.

According to the spokesman, the Mehsud group is “unhappy” at thedeviation by Mullah Fazlullah from the real struggle of the TTP – theestablishment of an Islamic state. BBC and Dawn (Pakistan)

Is this the end of the TTP (Pakistan Taliban)?

A number of commentators are saying that this marks the end of the TTPaltogether, and that may well be true. It’s going to be difficult toget a collection of bloody terrorist groups to agree to obey the sameleader.

Other commentators are saying that this is good news, because it nowmeans that the “peace process” between the government and the Talibancan go ahead. I can’t imagine how anyone could possibly believe this.The whole Pakistan “peace process” concept was always a total fantasy,as I’ve written many times, but if there ever were going to be somesort of signed peace agreement, it would have to have been with aleadership powerful enough to bring everyone into line. Obviously theTaliban has nothing like that today, if it ever did.

I’ve written about any number of TTP-linked terrorist groups. There’sLashkar-e-Toiba (LeT), which is dedicated to war with India and whichmasterminded the Mumbai horrific 26/11 three-day terrorist attack. There’s Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ),which has publicly and firmly announced as its goal the exterminationof all Shia Muslims and Hazaras in Pakistan and has been methodicallysetting off bombs in order to achieve that goal. It is connected toJundullah, a terrorist group that has perpetrated major attacks onShia mosques and Revolutionary Guard stations in southeastern Iran.And there’s Tanzeem-ul-Islami-ul-Furqan (TIF), which we described two days ago and ismethodically attacking schools in southern Balochistan enrolling girlstudents. 

These organizations are not now going to agree to some kind of “peaceagreement” because TTP is splintering. In fact, if TTP had any effectat all on these organizations, it would have been to be more moderate,for the common good of all the bloody TTP terrorists. But without theumbrella group, they’re now free to act on their own, slaughteringcivilians at will, with nothing to inhibit them. 

As I’ve said many times, the Generational Dynamics prediction is thatIndia and Pakistan will re-fight the bloody war between Hindus andMuslims that followed Partition, the 1947 partitioning of the Indiansub-continent into India and Pakistan. That war was not directed bypresidents or prime ministers or leaders of any kind on either side.It was driven by massive slaughter coming from entire generations ofpeople, entire generations of Hindus versus entire generations ofMuslims, in what was one of the bloodiest battles of the century. Thesplintering of TTP can only bring a new version of that war closer.Tribune (Pakistan) and Al-Jazeera

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