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Ebola-Stricken UN Aid Worker Dies in Germany

Ebola-Stricken UN Aid Worker Dies in Germany

A Sudanese national who was employed as a UN medical worker in Liberia has died of Ebola at a hospital in Germany. Despite receiving multiple experimental drugs to help combat the deadly virus, the UN aid worker died of hemorrhagic fever nine days after first arriving at the hospital.

Map showing Ebola cases treated outside West Africa

Ebola Patients Outside Of West Africa (Credit: BBC)

The deceased UN worker reportedly contracted Ebola while in Liberia, where over half of Ebola infections and deaths have occurred. He was flown to Germany last Thursday and was immediately quarantined. “Despite intensive medical measures and maximum efforts by the medical team, the 56-year-old UN employee succumbed to the serious infections of the disease,” said a statement from St Georg medical hospital. He was admitted last week in “critical condition, while stable.”

The UN employee was Germany’s third Ebola patient and the second UN worker to die from the recent Ebola outbreak.

Ebola infograph

WHO Ebola Deaths’ Chart (Credit: BBC)

A Frankfurt hospital is currently treating a Ugandan doctor who contracted the virus while in Sierra Leone. A Senegal native was recently released from a Hamburg hospital after five weeks of intensive treatment.

On Tuesday, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned that as many as 10,000 new cases per week may arrive within the next two months. Officials also noted that the death rate of Ebola has risen to 70 percent of all cases. The last four weeks have seen an average of 1,000 new cases per week, according to WHO.

WHO also increased the total Ebola death toll to 4,447 on Tuesday.


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