ISIS Continues Blowing Up Churches In Mosul

ISIS Continues Blowing Up Churches In Mosul

On November 24 ISIS blew up St. George’s Church and a nunnery in Mosul, thereby continuing the string of churches destroyed since the terror group took control of Mosul in June.

According to, the destruction has included not only churches, but “Shiite mosques, and other ancient sites, including the shrine of [the] Prophet Jonah.”

Residents of Mosul say they “heard cries of ‘Allahu Akbar'” coming from mosques in the area when St. George’s Church was demolished. 

Saad Mamuzin, the head the Kurdish Democratic Party’s 14th branch, commented: “[ISIS] has once again turned to bombing churches and mosques after it lost popularity and many of its members to the airstrikes that have targeted strongholds in different areas of the city.”

On October 14 Arutz Sheva reported that ISIS explicitly declared war on Christianity, going so far as to express their “desire to conquer Rome” and “break the cross.” This war on Christianity picked up where the persecution of Christians by Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood left off, and it continues what has been “a systematic crackdown on religious dissidents” during the last 2-3 years in the Middle East.

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