Palestinian TV Presents Jihadi Terrorists As Heroes

Palestinian TV Presents Jihadi Terrorists As Heroes

The Palestinian Authority’s official TV channel has heroized two Palestinian terrorists who are responsible for the brutal murder of five people in a Jerusalem synagogue.

The broadcast was uncovered and translated by Palestinian Media Watch. The news anchor said that the terror attack was “The latest reaction to [Israeli Prime Minister] Netanyahu’s policy and means was the death of 2 Palestinians as martyrs from occupation police fire in West Jerusalem.”

Jerusalem Synagogue Attack Crime Scene

The network also describes two Palestinians who recently ran over Jewish Israelis with their cars as “Martyrs” defending “occupied Jerusalem.” One of the terrorists, Ibrahim Al-Akari, was a Hamas operative who killed two and injured a dozen more in the hit-and-run attack. He was shot dead by Israeli police while fleeing the scene. The other Palestinian terrorist who was described as a “Martyr,” Abd Al-Rahman Al-Shaloudi, used the same tactic to kill a three-month-old Jewish baby.

Jerusalem Hit-and-Run Crime Scene (Reuters)

The news anchor said of the Palestinian jihadists: “The death of Abd Al-Rahman al-Shaludi as a martyr. He was shot by the occupation after a car accident.” She added, “”The death of Mutaz Hijazi as a martyr and the wounding of other [Palestinians] by shots fired by the occupation police in Silwan. And in November [2014], the death of Ibrahim al-Akari as a martyr in Sheikh Jarrah after a run-over incident.”

Separately, Israeli police thwarted a possible stabbing attack on Friday. A 17-year old Palestinian girl reportedly had planned on stabbing security officials with her concealed knife. Luckily for police, her weapon was confiscated during a security checkpoint stop.