12 Navy Sailors Implicated in Submarine Shower Spying Scandal

12 Navy Sailors Implicated in Submarine Shower Spying Scandal

WASHINGTON, Dec. 14 (UPI) — The Navy has issued a new report confirming the involvement of 12 sailors and petty officers in watching a series of secretly recorded videos taken over a period of ten months of fellow female shipmates undressing and showering. Only one of the men is accused of recording the videos.

“This was not 11 guys, each with different [cameras],” an anonymous source told the Navy Times. “It was really one guy doing the videography piece and then sharing it with other people.”

The Naval Times first broke the story in early December, a day before the Defense Department was scheduled to release its annual report of sexual assault in the military. The latest report, obtained by the Naval Times, marks the completion of the investigation by the submarine’s command chain. The report was delivered to top Naval commanders in Pentagon.

It’s not clear how many women were filmed, but the reports suggests three or four were involved — some of the first women to be integrated into the previously all-male environment of submarines. Female officers began serving on subs in 2011, while enlisted women are set to begin serving on subs this month.

The Pentagon said the latest report won’t alter their plans to include women on submarine operations.

“As troublesome as the allegations are, it’s not going to have nor should it have any effect on the integration of women into the submarine force, which by and large has gone exceedingly well,” Pentagon press secretary Rear Adm. John Kirby told reporters on Friday.