Reports: Hamas Reconstructing Terror Tunnels, Preparing For War Against Israel

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Washington, D.C.

The Hamas terror group has hijacked construction materials designated towards rebuilding Gaza in the wake of a devastating 50-day war, and has instead used the assistance towards repairing its tunnels used to conduct attacks against the State of Israel.

Israel Radio reported that Hamas, which rules Gaza with an iron fist, has obtained a chunk of building materials for the furthering of its terror campaign.

Some feared that Hamas would inevitably hijack the building materials, given that the terror group controls all aspects of life in the Gaza Strip. However, a UN-pushed plan claimed to put a fail-safe in place. The UN attempted to ease fears of such an event happening, doing so by brokering an accord with Israel and the Palestinian Authority that would reportedly allow for the close monitoring of construction materials, the Jerusalem Post reported.

As multiple sources have now revealed, Hamas has found a way to commandeer the building materials only four months after the latest war between the terror organization and Israel.

Ynet News reports that Hamas has dedicated resources towards reconstructing tunnels in preparation for another war against Israel. Hamas has also successfully smuggled building materials and weapons through Egypt’s Rafah crossing and by sea, the report stated. Palestinian sources in Gaza told Ynet that Hamas is formulating a new strategy, one which will allow for the use of tunnels to further infiltrate Israel and conduct terror attacks against its civilians.

As their founding charter clearly states, Hamas is sworn to the destruction of the State of Israel. It’s chief purpose remains not to better the lives of struggling Gazans, but instead to eradicate Israel and its Jews.

Additionally, a rocket was fired from Gaza Friday and landed in Israeli territory. There were no reported casualties.

Last week, Hamas held a military parade commemorating the jihadist group’s founding. The rally featured child soldiers dressed in military fatigues and armed with automatic weapons, along with Hamas leaders thanking the Islamic Republic of Iran for its arms and supplies donations, and the effigy burning of a religious Jewish man.