Report: ISIS Executes Ten More Doctors in Mosul for Refusing to Treat Jihadis


The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) continues to execute doctors in Mosul, Iraq, who refuse to treat wounded jihadists returning from the front lines. The terrorist group reportedly murdered ten more doctors this week.

“Elements of the organization (ISIS) executed physicians Tareq Jassim and Adil Ayham, working in the Department of Surgery of the Republican General Hospital in Mosul,” said Dr. Firas al-Hamdani, a top health official. “The bodies of the doctors arrived at the hospital morgue this evening after being executed by ISIS firing squad.”

The Mosul Health Department claimed the Islamic State “ordered all doctors to work round the clock.” On December 28, militants murdered Dr. Tareq Jassim and Dr. Adil Ayham.

“Dozens of doctors in the hospital were arrested and executed because they refused to go with [ISIS] to their strongholds, and the fate of many of them is still unknown,” said Hassan Fadel Allaf, director of Ibn Sina Teaching Hospital in Mosul.

Islamic State terrorists threatened others with lashes and arrests.

“They also gave me 120 lashes because a number of other doctors and I refused to go to the district of Tal Afar to treat some of their militants,” said Hikmat Sultan, director of Al-Salam Public Emergency Hospital in Mosul. “I am in my fifties, and the physical and psychological pain I endured during the flogging by those militants was beyond imagination.”

The Islamic State also killed six doctors in November after first murdering two female doctors in October.


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