Has Obama Just Locked the Cockpit Door?

The Associated Press
AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais
Andreas Lubitz, copilot on Germanwings flight 9525, waited until his captain left the cockpit, then deliberately locked the door and changed the code. Once that was done, he cold-heartedly programmed the plane into a steep descent. After that, he breathed easy.
We heard on the recording from the cockpit the captain fighting to regain entry, and then passengers gradually coming to the realization of their impending doom, their screams growing louder and more frantic until the final, abrupt silence.
Imagine the terror and helplessness those passengers felt in their final moments. Some of us feel it in the narrows of our throats, the flop sweats and stomach churning nearly every day, as we witness momentous events that place our beloved country in seeming free-fall, or worse, on a tragic course of self-destruction. We cannot help but fear that we are currently being piloted by a president who has desperate ruination on his mind.
That is because, although our Constitution provides for a balance of power, our president has locked the cockpit door.
He locked us out in order to enforce his new mandatory healthcare system. He locked us out with lies like “you can keep your healthcare, and your doctor,” and “$2500 saving per family.” Let’s not forget the most transparent  administration in history, one, either:
More and more, the real business of our democracy isn’t done in town halls or public meetings or even in the open halls of Congress,” Obama said during his 2007 campaign. “Decisions are made in closed-door meetings, or with the silent stroke of the President’s pen, or because some lobbyist got some Congressman to slip his pet project into a bill during the dead of night. We have to take the blinders off the White House. The more people know about what’s going on in Washington, and how their tax dollars are being spent, and who’s raising money for who, the less likely it is that major decisions will be hijacked by lobbyists and special interests.
We never imagined the hijacker would turn out to be him.
He locked us out by targeting conservative non-profit groups and then smothering the cover-up with “not a smidgeon of corruption.” We heard the screeches and shakes of an airplane – er, nation of laws – stressed to its limits.
He locked us out when he, acting without even the knowledge of Congress, negotiated the exchange of a US military deserter for five top Taliban generals who will, most assuredly, return to the battlefield as early as this spring, to target and kill American soldiers. Our voluntary and heroic armed services groan under his disheartening, demoralizing overreaches.
Obama has locked the cockpit doors, and then, by executive action, enabled millions of law-breaking trespassers to pretend they are not, even while our economy strains and the job market dwindles, sputters and coughs. He has no regard for collateral damage because: “You didn’t build that.
He has locked the American citizenry out of his dealings with the UN on climate change commitments and goals. We have now officially “normalized” relations not only with unrepentant communist Cuba, but also with terrorist-supporting Iran, such that now, without any input from Congress (The People’s representatives), he limply capitulates to a bogus nuclear deal with Iran, a nation that openly advocates for the unmitigated destruction of at least one other sovereign nation. Are you plugging your ears against the deafening noise, closing your eyes against the rise of the mountains in front of us?
Much of what Obama intends for this country has been kept secret, like the machinations in the head of Andreas Lubitz. He sent a secret letter to Iran back in 2008, and told President Medvedev of Russia, sotto voce, but on a hot mic, “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.”
Did Andreas understand his calculated actions and their consequences, or was he too depressed to reason? In the words of one secretive Secretary of State, “What difference, at this point, does it make?” The plane full of innocent people, both old and young, is just as dead. He set the course for the plane’s descent for eight minutes, and, in an odd twist of coincidence, President Obama will have had eight years to complete his fundamental transformation of America.
The difference is this: the spurned pilot struggled to gain entry, to thwart Lubitz’s crazed actions. He failed because the door was designed only to keep him out.
In the US, protocols exist to open the “door” and pull our disturbed co-pilot out of the cockpit. But our other pilots, though they’ve recently begun to voice concerns over the lock-out, i.e. in a letter to Iran,  seem to ignore the angle of our descent, or alternative avenues available to them, and the passengers appear to have gone to sleep.


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